Tree Climbing Championships

Climbing Games” highlight Western Power’s safety message

Results of Stihl WA 2017 Tree Climbing Championships

WA Masters Results
1st Luke Osborne
2nd Kendal Moor
 3rd Tamil Verhagen

Overall Scoresheet for 2017 Tree Climbing Competition

Click Here to download overall scoresheet for 2017 Tree climbing competition 2017

Overall Results – Combined Individual Events
1st James Gigolitti (Interstate Climber – Not eligible for WA Masters)
2nd Tamil Verhagen
3rd Kendell Moor
4th Pascal Oostenic (Interstate Climber – Not eligible for WA Masters)
5th Luke Osborne
Individual Events Results
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Aerial Resue James Gigolitti Michael Byrne Kendal Moor James Jackson
Belayed Speed Climb James Gigolitti Donny Byrne Luke Osborne Shane Guzel
Secured Footlock James Gigolitti Tamil Verhagen Luke Osborne James Jackson
Throwline James Gigolitti Michael Byrne James Jackson Ian Gordan
Workclimb Tamil Verhagen James Gigolitti Pascal Oostenic Kendell Moor
Intermediate Results
1st Shane Guzell
2nd Scott Bolton
3rd Ian Cordon
4th Nathaniel Allington
5th Adam Wynn
Novice Results
Overall Winners Novice  Individual Winners Novice
1st Chevy Innis (Winner –  Secured Footlock)
2nd Shane Ogley (Winner – Workclimb
3rd Dorzic Cox (Winner – Belayed Speed Climb)
4th Thomas Marshall (Winner –  Aerial Rescue)
5th Garth Wynn (Winner – Throwline)