Energy Safety WA Code Of Practice

EnergySafety is a division of the Western Australian government Department of Commerce, which is responsible for the technical and safety regulation of all the electrical industry and most of the gas industry in Western Australia.

In July 2012, EnergySafety published the Code of Practice for Personnel Electrical Safety for Vegetation Control Near Live Powerlines

This Code of Practice is compulsory for anyone carrying out vegetation management work near overhead power lines. The objective of the Code is to establish principles for safe vegetation management work near live overhead lines. 

It specifies the minimum standards required for mobile plant, tools and equipment used in vegetation management work near live overhead power lines and provides the basic technical material necessary for service providers to develop work procedures, related training and awareness programs. 

The Code provides electrical safety information to be used, in addition to other occupational safety and health requirements, to enable workers to:

  • assess whether it is safe to carry out pruning, cutting, maintaining or trimming vegetation near power lines;
  • prune, cut, maintain or trim vegetation in a manner that is safe for themselves, other workers and the general public; and
  • comply with relevant safety regulations.