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National Arboriculture Industry Education Panel
AgriFood Skills Australia

The panel consists of industry stakeholders from contractors, trainers, industry skill council members, consulting arborists, municipal and utility arborists, Arboricultural associations etc from around Australia.
The Tree Guild of W.A. (TGWA) has been working in conjunction with the Panel to help determine competencies required by staff members for various job roles within the arboriculture industry.
This is an ongoing exercise and will help to harmonise the competencies and skill levels of staff around Australia.
Some of the outcomes could be to:

  • enable workers to achieve the nationally accredited training that is appropriate for all states
  • assist the Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to identify training requirements
  • identify job roles that are consistent with skill levels and competencies
  • prepare a foundation for incremental wage levels
  • provide a framework of job roles as a route for promotion
  • promoting professionalism and best practices in arboriculture lifting standards and reducing incidents

The TGWA is the only West Australian industry representation on this national panel so please get in touch with us if you feel there is something that you could contribute.

Michael Byrne